Vandalism in Lawrence, IN

Coming home from a long day at work in Lawrence to find your home damaged from acts of vandalism can be extremely stressful. Not only does it feel like a personal attack on your home, but the damages can cause a significant amount of anxiety for anyone.

The professionals at Certified Construction Services have some tips that can be helpful when dealing with vandalism:

  • Portal OkupaCall a vandalism restoration professional like  Certified Construction Services as soon as possible. The faster we can arrive; the less damage you will sustain.
  • Report the vandalism to the police. They will gather evidence of the damage to find the vandals.
  • If any of your furniture was damaged, make sure you blot the area if it is cloth, do not wipe.
  • If egg was used make sure you hose down items, especially on the exterior of your home and vehicles. Egg can damage the paint of your car; the more quickly it is removed the better.



When you contact Certified Construction Services for vandalism cleanup and repair, we will cleanup debris, remove graffiti from  floors, furnishings, walls and make any necessary structural repairs. Certified Construction Services will have your Lawrence home looking as good if not better then it did before the vandalism damage occurred. Call us today to get your free quote.