7 Steps to Take When Cleaning up from a Greenfield Flood

Cleaning up from a flood is stressful business. To quickly and safely recover from flood damage, follow these steps and be sure to consult a professional during the process. Assess the damage First, check for power loss. If your power is out and you have standing water in your home, don’t go in. If there […]

Water Damage Cleanup in Indianapolis

Most people who suffer from water damage may have heard some common misconceptions on how to handle water damage cleanup in Indianapolis. Certified Construction is here to help clear up those misconceptions. #1 Call My Insurance First Thing We do not recommend contacting your insurance company before contacting a water damage clean up professional. You […]

Water Damage Cleanup of Flooded Basements

Finished basements are a great way to increase the square footage of your home, but basements are more likely to experience water damage than other areas of your Indianapolis home. Basements often have washing machines and water heaters that can leak, pipes that can freeze and break, and if flooding occurs, basements can fill up […]

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